More than just a building inspection!
Dutch Property Inspections - Expat Facility

More than just a building inspection!

Have you just moved to Amsterdam and you need an extra pair of hands? We help newcomers, expats and re-migrating Duthchies integrate in our country faster by assisting them with the most common issues when moving abroad. 

We help you - expats and newcomers - integrate in Amsterdam faster by taking care of the most common issues you'll encounter when moving abroad. We offer a wide range of services, such as for example, but not limited to, renovation work, moving, interior design or schooling. Anything. We’ve got you covered.

We have an extended network of reliable contractors

Are you planning on renovating the house you have just bought? Then you might need a pair of extra eyes and hands. Dutch Property Inspections not only advises you on how to improve your property, but we also renovate houses, we build extensions and we take care of all the permits you need.

Moving and settling in

We help newcomers settling in. We can arrange an international moving operator but we also assist you with personal registration at the local doctor or dentist. We take care of opening bank accounts and we help you setting up your internet and TV. You name it, we help out. 

Anything is possible and no request will sound too crazy to us.
Your future in The Netherlands is safe in our hands. Just let us know how we can help.

Interior design & furniture

You might need professional help to make your house a comfortable home. We offer complete advise on where to buy and style the best furniture. If you wish, we can fully take care of the interior styling, from carpets and cushions up to blinds or window covering. 

You need an extra pair of hands? Get in touch!
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