MJOP for Homeowners’ Associations: A Dutch Property Inspections Specialty in Amsterdam
Multi-year Maintenance Plans

MJOP for Homeowners’ Associations: A Dutch Property Inspections Specialty in Amsterdam

Each homeowners’ association [VvE] is legally obligated to build up a healthy reserve of funds that can cover the cost of maintaining the property included in the homeowners’ association. The best way to ensure a realistic reserve is to have a multi-year maintenance plan in place.

Dutch Property Inspections can draft multi-year maintenance plans for homeowners’ associations and other property owners in and around Amsterdam. A good multi-year maintenance plan can provide insights into what types of maintenance are necessary to keep the property in good condition, when and how often the maintenance must be carried out and how much the work will likely cost.

A multi-year maintenance plan is a long-term plan for carrying out necessary maintenance on any type of property. It generally includes three essential elements:

  • A description of all the building elements which must be maintained, including the current condition and estimated lifecycle
  • A timeline for inspections, maintenance, restoration or replacement for each element
  • An outline of the costs anticipated in maintaining each element

Dutch Property Inspections has the necessary specific expertise in order to draw up a reliable multi-year maintenance plan.

The Inspection

Based on earlier findings documented in the land registry and municipal archives, any past problems and future risks are brought to light and evaluated. Then Dutch Property Inspections carries out a thorough inspection of all the building elements that need to be maintained and evaluates their current condition. Inspections are carried out in accordance with NEN 2767, the objective standard for establishing the condition of structural and technical building elements.

The Plan

Dutch Property Inspections will then present you with a comprehensive plan for the structural and technical maintenance of the building, including a time horizon and cost estimate per element. The plan may even be split into categories including scheduled maintenance, obligatory inspections and service costs. If desired, Dutch Property Inspections can update the maintenance plan, taking into account things like cost increases, changing VAT rates, shifting priorities and cost distributions.

An improperly drafted multi-year maintenance plan can lead to insufficient reserves, maintenance backlogs and the inefficient use of financial resources. Dutch Property Inspections prefers to work on multi-year maintenance plans with a term of at least twenty years in order to create a more realistic big picture. This has a lot to do with the fact that many elements have an estimated life cycle of fifteen years or more.

At Dutch Property Inspections, we aim to produce maintenance plans that limit costs through combining maintenance work. So for example, we suggest carrying out gutter or roof maintenance when there is already scaffolding in place for painting projects.

The Result: More control, Better Yields

Dutch Property Inspections helps our clients gain insights into the qualitative state of their real estate portfolio. The completed multi-year maintenance plan will bring order in dealing with maintenance work. Acute problems such as leaks and technical malfunctions in various installations can be prevented, costs can be reduced and financial risks minimised.

Dutch Property Inspections can also provide other support at your request. For example in requesting, checking or evaluating proposals. We can also attend your homeowners’ association meetings if necessary.

More Information
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