It is quick and easy to arrange a building report with Dutch Property Inspections in Amsterdam
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It is quick and easy to arrange a building report with Dutch Property Inspections in Amsterdam

About to purchase a home? One of the most important steps is having a building inspection done. This will give you a clear picture of the condition of the property and what costs you might expect in the future. Don’t forget that most lenders and insurers require a building report these day.

Dutch Property Inspections is specialised in carrying out property inspections and drawing up all the associated paperwork and reports. Dutch Property Inspections works for both buyers and sellers including expats, homeowners’ associations, real estate investors, companies and individuals.


During what we call a visual inspection, one of our qualified inspectors will determine the condition of important structural elements and everything will be documented photographically. The elements we examine include:

  • The building’s structural engineering, from foundation to roof
  • The facade, window frames, windows and doors
  • The gutters, rainwater and waste water drainage
  • The roofing including bitumen, roof tiles and chimneys
  • The floors, walls and ceilings
  • The pipes and wiring for gas, water and electricity
  • The central heating installation
  • General fire safety

If possible, Dutch Property Inspections will look into municipal archives and Kadaster (the land registry in the Netherlands) prior to the inspection. Any previously documented findings will be taken into consideration during the evaluation. This might include a more thorough inspection of less visible/accessible elements.


After the inspection, a building report will be drafted based on the inspector’s findings. The report documents the condition of important aspects of the property and includes photos and projected costs for (overdue) maintenance, both in the short and long term. Our reports fulfil the requirements for lenders, insurance companies and the Nationale Hypotheek Garantie [national mortgage guarantee].

More often that not, buildings in the historic city centre can have a range of hidden issues. That’s why it is important to record the condition of an older property before completing a purchase. This eliminates long, drawn-out conflicts after the fact.

Professional, Objective and Reasonably Priced

Dutch Property Inspections does not evaluate the location, lay out or look and feel of a particular property. Our reports are based purely on the structure and are therefore objective. An added bonus is that they are reasonably priced. Rates start at € 387,20 (including VAT) for any property up to to 450 m3.

Building Report within 48 Hours

It goes without saying that you’ll want it fast, because the real estate market in Amsterdam waits for no one. Dutch Property Inspections takes this rush into account; you will receive a copy of the building report no later than two days after the visual inspection takes place. We always send a copy by email, but can also post it if necessary.

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