Request your energy label in Amsterdam with Dutch Property Inspections
Requesting an Energy Label

Request your energy label in Amsterdam with Dutch Property Inspections

Are you planning to rent or sell your house or apartment? You are required by law to provide the new owner or tenant with a definitive energy label. Not to mention the fact that buyers these days are very interested in how a home scores on energy efficiency.

Dutch Property Inspections in Amsterdam seamlessly assists property owners in obtaining a definitive energy label. Our certified inspectors evaluate your home and assist you in requesting the energy label from the government (Rijksoverheid).

We help you fill out the questionnaire and gather evidence (including a building report and/or photos) to support the petition. Moreover, we provide you with tips and advice in order to improve the energy label of the property in question as well as information concerning the related rights and obligations you have.

Objective Reports

Your definitive energy label depends on matters such as building type, construction year, total volume (cubic meters) and characteristics that influence power usage. These might include:

  • Isolation of the façade, roof and floors
  • Double glazed windows (insolating glass / HR++)
  • The set up and performance of the central heating installation and sanitary fixtures
  • The presence and performance of ventilation (systems)
  • Other energy saving measures such as solar boilers and solar panels

Naturally, Dutch Property Inspections keeps all these aspects and the legal standards in mind when determining the correct energy label. In addition, our organisation keeps abreast of developments in sustainable construction in general and more specifically energy savings developments. Dutch Property Inspections operates professionally and objectively and makes sure that you and the new owner have a realistic and reliable energy label.

Since 1 January 2015, the transfer of property must be accompanied by a definitive energy label. This requirement applies to both residential and corporate properties! The provisional energy label that you received from the government in 2015 is not sufficient.

BRL 9500-01 Certified

Every inspector at Dutch Property Inspections is an Official Energy Label Expert certified by the government and has a professional license conforming to BRL 9500-01 (EPA-advisor) standards.


Online Registration: € 7,-
In principle, you can arrange registration yourself through the website When selecting an 'erkend deskundige', you search for R. de Vries.

Personal Walk-Through: starting at € 99,-
We can take care of the registration for you on site. And, if you wish, we'll help you with the online registration and filling in the questionnaire on the website.

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